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Client Spotlight - Dr. Kareen J. Smith | Branding a Pediatrician


Doctors are personal branding too.

Even doctors working for hospital are getting their personal brands done.

Our client (and fellow Cornell University graduate) Dr. Kareen J. Smith has been practicing pediatric medicine in Houston since 2009. But other than her profiles on the hospital page, she didn’t really have a personal brand website up that let people who about her complete self.

She wanted to differentiate herself from the other hundreds of other pediatrician doctors in her area.

She wanted the confidence to share what it is she does for the people she serves, especially on social media and other professional settings. But when you went to medical school, you probably never imagined that you'd have to attract "customers" and market yourself as a brand.

Parents looking her up didn’t have a way to connect with her emotionally before meeting her. Without this site, she didn’t really have a way that parents could share her.


At @mymdbrand, we work with world-class doctors by creating a solid personal brand and upholding that brand so we can help them have a constant stream of new patients, and a stable of happy existing patients singing their praises.

We’ve been branding since 2005. We’ve branded dozens of doctors and their practices. And time and time again what we find is that these doctors are great at their specialty, but they aren’t marketers and don’t know how to personal brand.

We know this, so we created a plan that would let her continue to practice while we build her brand.

But this was our first pediatrician that didn’t have her own business, but simply wanted the world to know what she was born to do. So it was going to be a new situation for us.


As always, we first start with a 60-Minute Interview to Get Clarity on a doctor’s calling. We met with Dr. Smith to getting clear on what she does and why she does it. We zero in on a niche and end the session by outlining next steps and timelines.

The plan was to build out the following personal brand items:

  • A “name logo” - her Doctor title Name

  • A “universal” business card that could be used no matter where you work

  • A beautifully designed CV

  • Her own name as a domain

  • A beautiful one-page website design & development

  • Social media designs fir YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook

Although it’s tough to get the time of a doctor, especially one with multiple kids and hundreds of patients to see in a week, Dr. Smith agreed to the plan and we went full force ahead.

This was the only way she could control what the world would see what she was really born to do.

We introduce to you the personal branding of KAREEN J. SMITH MD. FAAP - www.kareenjsmithmd.com.

Logo as Your Doctor Name

A logo is to a business as your face is to you.

It is how you are recognized. It reflects your personality, or in case of your business, your values and principles. It is also the most powerful marketing tool known. Logo design establishes your identity.

A doctor's personal name logo doctors adds another dimension of identity to their work. They are used for stationery, website logos, business cards, or watermarks. The logo is the doctor's own name brand.

For Dr. Smith, since she's a pediatrician, we wanted to be playful and include a stethoscope so we turned the "s" on her last name into one.

Business Cards that Last Forever

The problem with getting business cards from your job or your business is that it could be that after 2 years, you're no longer working at that hospital or part of that group.

This is why we do personal brand business cards - the cards will always have the right contact information.

Business cards are an effective networking tool for doctors and also serve as a promotional tool for your personal brand.

We created a compelling design with the right combination of color and images to help Dr. Smith optimize her advantages when sharing her card.

Website that is One-Page and Multi-Language

When you visit https://www.kareenjsmithmd.com/, you'll notice right away a compelling headline that tells the world what she was born to do in the medical industry.

A personal brand website for doctors brings together their personal journey in medicine. It shows the milestones that define why they and are passionate about their mission. It tells us (the future patients) what makes that doctor unique over the other choices we have.

Dr. Smith's site shows clearly and immediately what she does and why she does it. Her site brings a message to the world that will bring her new patients she was called to work with. It has :

  • PERSONALITY - Real Photos & Videos of you, your passions, etc.

  • A clear explanation of WHY they should choose your company

  • MOBILE READY Version for Mobile Visitors

  • A link to download your CV

  • Links to your Social Media Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc)

  • Direct links to your online reviews / testimonials

  • Endorsements & Recommendations

  • Star ratings from webMD, Vitals, and Healthgrades

  • Testimonials from patients

  • Recommendations from health industry professionals

  • Company Name, Address & Phone Number at the bottom

  • Your Booking Link at the Bottom of the Site

Dr. Smith also wanted her site to be multi-lingual because she has Spanish speaking mothers.

Visit https://www.kareenjsmithmd.com/ to experience it yourself.

Her CV Brought to Life

Typically, a CV is not a document you share with your patients. Instead, it's sent to employers or conferences or banks.

But we feel a patient has just as much right to know their doctor's full history as anyone else.

This is why we've created a personal brand CV. Now Dr. Smith can

  • Showcase her CV in a way potential patients can see who you are

  • Present CV in way that engages attention

  • Downloadable PDF of beautifully designed CV

  • Send this website instead of sending your CV

Visit https://www.kareenjsmithmd.com/ and find the "download CV" button to see it in detail.

Social Media Designs

Your personal brand has to follow you across all the platforms.

We did personal brand designs for her LinkedIn and Facebook.

Storytelling Blog

We helped Dr. Smith now have the ability to blog to share news monthly. This will keep her website fresh with new stories. She can write about

  • Patient Case studies

  • Device reviews

  • Community involvement

  • Philanthropic activity

  • Industry news

  • Medical opinions

A Social Cause to Support

What social causes do you support?

Now Dr. Smith can show causes that matter most to her.

Thank you Dr. Smith for participating in the Jose's Hands One Doctor, One Student. Now Dr. Smith is contributing to a Health Student going on a Medical Mission. Additionally, she highlights her church-related activities.


We're excited that now Dr. Smith can

  • differentiate herself from the other hundreds or thousands of doctors in her area.

  • gain confidence sharing what it is she does for people when she's on social media or in a social setting.

  • create an emotional connection between her and her patients.

  • help the people she meets become her ambassadors (biggest fans), referring their network to her.

  • she can build her reputation (and reputation is everything as a doctor).

Doctors that aren't personal branding are likely subscribed to the Field of Dreams approach to business. Build it, and they will come. They think all they have to do is apply themselves to your studies, survive med school, create their practice, and the patients would be flocking to their doorstep.

But if you don't personal brand, when you open your practice, you'll realize that being listed on the health insurance companies' rosters isn't sufficient. Your practice isn't growing at the rate you had hoped, and you're beginning to realize that you aren't just a doctor, but a marketer, and a personal brand in your own right.

That's when we step in as myMDbrand.com and save the day for doctors like Dr. Kareen J. Smith.

We look forward to branding you too!