Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing

Marketing your cosmetic dentistry clinic is getting tougher every year. Mainly because the marketplace has changed so dramatically. Check out these cutting edge digital marketing strategies that will help you postion your cosmetic dental practice the right way. This is how you get cosmetic dentistry patients to chase after you.

Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing Ideas and Strategies

Most likely, you’re probably getting a few people coming in looking for teeth whitening and so on.


Well let’s assume they are absolutely delighted by your service and are willing to come back on a regular basis.


Well why not turn them into your very own evangelists?


There is no better marketing than your own patients putting in a good word for you.


These days with social media, there is literally no limits to how far your reach can go. However, we are not into ‘hope marketing’ so let us give you the first step.


Get your cosmetic dentistry clinic listed on Google. No we’re not talking about starting a website (We’ll get to that later) but getting your very own and free business profile on Google.


Believe it or not, you can actually get your professional business profile on Google for free.


Well, have you seen these things on the side of Google:


These results usually pop up when you type in a cosmetic dentistry clinic by name (Especially if the business only has one location).


This is what a Google business profile looks like:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Market a Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic?

To market your cosmetic dentistry clinic, first list your site on GMB, then start getting some instant traffic through PPC and finally, dive into SEO.

Should I list my cosmetic dentistry clinic on GMB?

Yes. That should be the first thing that you should do.

How long does SEO for cosmetic dentistry take?

It really depends but usually takes around 3-6 months to see any results. SEO is a long term game.

For cosmetic dentistry, should I use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads?

Again, the best way to find this out is by testing your own ads. For some Google Adwords is a better choice for others, it’ FB ads. In some cases, both channels may work as well.

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