A Branding & Marketing

System for Doctors

A Patient Marketing System that Uses Your Successful Cases to Attract New Opportunities

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The Ultimate
Personal Branding Checklist for Medical Professionals

It can be tremendously frustrating when you feel patients don’t know that you exist to help them with their problem. This checklist will help you identify what is missing from your current strategy and what you must focus on next to take your career to the next level.

You Don't Have Time to Tell Your Case Studies

We've got a solution.

Share your Case Studies in 30 minutes

Every month, we record a call of you telling us an awesome transformational story, something you're really proud of.


​Your stories of how you transform someone’s life is the most important tool to share in your marketing arsenal!  Let's use it!



  • 30-min Interview

  • Transcribe Interview

  • Review Story for Broadcasting


Broadcast your Transformational Case

If you tell a success story about surgically correcting a pes plano valgus foot, don't you think you'll attract that more into your business?


​Your stories will attract patients and referral partners that can relate.  It’s our human nature to connect with stories.



  • Broadcast your stories 22 different ways

  • Automate the Marketing Monthly

  • Build a Referral Marketing Program


Convert Readers to Patients

We don't just generate leads, we also build and implement a custom sales process to convert those leads into sales.


As you increase the flow of perfect patients, you need a sales & marketing system and a process to free you and your team up to focus on your mission.



  • Manage and Nurture the Leads

  • Automate Your Sales Pipeline

  • Train Your Staff to Be Sales Pros

Current Marketing Not Working?

Most marketing companies are posting the same thing over and over on social media, and people are fatigued by it.

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Why Today, More Than Ever


Clarify Your Message

You’ll gain clarity by understanding your own calling in medicine and connecting that with people that resonate with that message.


Capture Attention

Your own stories of transformational patient experiences cut through the noise and get your audience to take notice.


Make them Remember

People forget data and flashy design and gimmicky postcards, but a story is unforgettable and makes people want to learn more.

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Confidence in Your Stories

It’s time that the world finally knows about all the awesome things you’re doing in medicine.


But there’s a fine line for doctors when it comes to blowing your own horn. The conflict is between “assertive self-confidence” and excessive “bragging rights.”


You want to stand out, but you don’t want healthcare colleagues to be offended by you claiming professional superiority.


But when you hand your CV to someone, and it’s full of all of your accomplishments, the paper speaks for itself, right?  You wouldn’t keep something off the CV as to not offend someone, right?


Personal branding is simply letting the world know who you are, what you came to this earth to do, and letting your results speak for themselves.

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They're Telling The Whole World What They Were Born To Do

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The myMDbrand.com team did an incredible job at helping me understand the difference between marketing my practice and branding my medical calling.  Now I find myself sharing my personal brand site more than my practice site because I want people to know the full me

Dr. Michael Rivera, DPM, FACFAS
Florida Foot & Ankle


Case Study Automation is Perfect For...


More Leads Into The Business


Your Own Practice


The Medical Community


at Medical Conferences

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Into a New or Innovative Specialty

Senior Businessman


Your Career

Our Process

Choose one or choose all three.  It depends where you’re at in your career.




Your Personal Brand

We’ll meet to uncover your personal and company “why” for existing.  We bring that brand to life through jaw dropping designs & lead-generating website development.

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Your Marketing Process

We’ll build out your sales and marketing automation platform and customize it to fit your practice’s process for attracting, nurturing, and converting opportunities.

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Your Stories Monthly

We call you every month to ask you about an awesome case you treated or innovative thought you’re ready to share.  We then tell the world through the web, email, and social media.

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Typical Marketing vs Story Marketing


  • Trouble converting leads to customers

  • Jack of all trades; not specialized enough

  • Waste money on marketing

  • Can’t attract perfect patients that are in your zone of genius

  • Website,logo, and marketing material aren’t appealing

  • Too busy to plan a marketing strategy

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The myMDbrand Way

  • Stories send a clear message to the marketplace

  • cut through the noise and get your audience to take notice

  • Increase patient demand and allegiance

  • Increase professional referral confidence and frequency

  • Enhance personal and professional satisfaction

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Highlight The Doctor, Not The Practice

A doctor's office is a doctor's office.  Potential clients can't tell the difference between them all.


Instead of promoting the office and its services, we feel people connect with the doctors more.  People especially connect with their transformational stories.​


Consider switching to a "story first" approach in your marketing.

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One Client - One Student

For every doctor we brand, we send a health student on a medical mission.

We support Jose’s Hands, a non-profit that gives scholarships to health students to go on their first medical mission.

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Brand Interview

We want to know what makes you so awesome.

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Brand Launch

After your logo and website are approved, we start telling the whole world about you.

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